Why go on a BabyMoon?

Here at one of the best spa hotels Wiltshire has to offer, we understand the importance of looking after yourself and your loved ones before your new bundle of joy arrives. But how, you may ask? Well we have the answer.  BabyMoons are the perfect opportunity to treat yourselves to some luxury before two become three.

Here’s why we think you should take a pre-baby break…


We know that pregnancy can be an anxious time. A BabyMoon will encourage both you and your loved one to slow everything down, relax, and focus on the most simple things that matter the most.

One Last Hurrah

Once baby arrives, you will be so busy caring for your little one that your opportunities to have some alone time as a couple will almost certainly be reduced. Take advantage of this “us time” whilst it’s up for grabs!


Allow a BabyMoon to help reduce the stress and worries of pregnancy and dedicate a trip away to help you to reconnect and bond as a couple. BabyMoons tend to have a slow, enjoyable pace and because they’re centred on the two of you as a couple, it’s the perfect time to remember all the reasons why you’re so great together. This trip down memory lane will also demonstrate why you’ll be great parents, too.

Still looking for the perfect BabyMoon location? Bishopstrow Hotels BabyMoon Package will allow you to spend some quality time with your partner and completely relax in luxury all without having to leave the country!

Enjoy an overnight stay at our luxury spa in Wiltshire and feel truly pampered after our Dreamy Pregnancy Massage by Little Butterfly London. This massage will help soothe those pesky aches and pains that can come with pregnancy, and as an extra gift we will also give you the remaining massage oil to use at home before and after your bundle of joy arrives. We haven’t forgotten your lucky guest, they can also enjoy a relaxing *Full Body Massage. Prices start from £399.00 per room per night*.

For further information or to book your stay call us on 01985 212312 today.

Celebrate the New Year in Style from £259.00 per person!

Bishopstrow House is without doubt the perfect place to spend Christmas! Book with us on a three-night package.

Join us for a delicious five-course dinner with Taittinger Champagne Pairings hosted by Kevin McKee from Taittinger.

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