Where did the Idea of Father’s Day come from?

Not content with just offering the best dining this Father’s Day, Wiltshire’s rich history got us thinking so we decided to look at the origins of the day so you can impress Dad, too!

Every year we celebrate Father’s Day and other similar occasions without fail, but where did the idea of a day devoted to dads come from? Father, Papa, Dad, Daddy… we all have many various names for our beloved Dad, and Father’s Day is the one day a year we can honour his hard work, his dedication and his many talents.

The Idea

The celebration of fatherhood in Catholic Europe dates back, many believe, to the Middle Ages where it was celebrated as the feast day of Saint Joseph. Fast forward and Father’s Day as we know it stems from the first observance of Father’s Day in the US in 1908. Grace Golden Clayton spoke to her pastor, as did Sonora Smart Dodd because they wanted a day like Mother’s Day to honour dads.

Eventually, after unofficial markings of the day, in 1924 the President pushed to officially acknowledge the celebration but it wasn’t until President Johnson that there was a proclamation in 1966. Nixon signed it to law in 1972, making the day a US national holiday – though this isn’t the case in the UK! We are thought to have adopted the celebration of Father’s Day after the Second World War.

The Date

 Father’s Day is held every year in the UK on the third Sunday of June. Most countries celebrate Father’s Day on this date too, namely the USA, Mexico, Ireland, Greece, France, China and Japan. Elsewhere in the world, the day is acknowledged on different dates throughout the year. For example, on February 23rd Russia celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day. June 21st in Egypt is reserved for Father’s Day, with the third Sunday of September in Ukraine and second Sunday of November in Sweden all about dads. You can see all the worldwide Father’s Day dates here.

The Gifts

Many people give Dad handmade cards, presents, a meal or a day out on Father’s Day. If the weather is nice, sometimes Dad may even get the car washed for him! However you decide to make him feel special, chocolates, books, DVDs, CDs or experience vouchers are always well received if you are stuck for ideas.

Here at Bishopstrow we think there is nothing better than a family get-together on Father’s Day. If you want to let your dad know how much you love him, why not treat him to an Afternoon Tea or Sunday Lunch? Our special Father’s Day Afternoon Tea will see Dad tuck into treats made especially for a gentleman. Think sausage rolls, scotch eggs and pickled onions – we’ll even give him a present. If he prefers a Sunday Lunch, then he can pick from Roast Sirloin of Beef, Slow Braised Belly of Wiltshire Pork, Iced Jack Daniels and Honey Parfait and much more.

Join us at Bishopstrow for the best Father’s Day Wiltshire has to offer. Simply call or contact a member of the team today.

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