Top Three Spa Treatments To Try This Autumn

Our Wiltshire hotel and spa invites you to fall in love with our Autumnal Spa treatments.

Marking the transition from summer to winter, Autumn is a special time of change and one that you should welcome readily. Night time arrives earlier and the day arrives later, leaving you the hours you need to look after yourself and face the new season refreshed.

Rasul Mud Therapy

Trust in an ancient Arabic cleansing ritual that is perfect for two. Due to its restorative properties, there is no better time to try out this treatment than in the Autumn. As you cover yourself in mud, the herb infused steam will work with your skin and the minerals to detoxify your body. Stress and worry will be a thing of the past as you wash away all impurities as the trees shed leaves.

Grooming For Hands

With the changing of the seasons, it is important to feel refreshed and renewed. The seasons can be testing for our skin, so whatever your job is this relaxing hand and nail treatment will soothe and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and supple for whatever manual work you may get up to. Your nails will be left tidy and well-groomed so you can present your best self and offer a smart handshake to all that you meet.

ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub

Winter can be a severe season, and with that in mind leaves must fall to protect themselves and their tree from damage. Once the leaves fall, they are absorbed back into the ground so that their nutrients can be put to work elsewhere. This cycle is beautiful and a striking metaphor for ourselves throughout the year. This Autumn, treat yourself to a cleansing salt scrub. We recommend the lime and ginger fragrance to evoke scents of freshness and Autumn. Our trained therapist will gently remove any dead skin cells so that new ones can take their place. Nourishing body oil will complete your treatment so that you feel softened, smooth and new.

If you’re looking for a spa Wiltshire is the perfect place to get closer to nature and beauty. If you’re ready for an Autumnal overhaul, then call us on 01985212312 to book or you can view our other spa treatments

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