How to Motivate Your Team After Christmas

Here at one of the most well equipped conference hotels in Wiltshire, we understand the importance of keeping your team morale high and work ethic strong, particularly in January. Everyone is feeling sluggish after the gluttony of the Christmas period and the January blues have truly set in. So how to lift everyone out of that Christmas induced malaise? Here at Bishopstrow, we have got a few ideas…

Get Organised
Although this may seem like you are giving yourself extra work, you are in fact simply cleverly dispersing the work in order to preserve your state of mind. If you give a little extra push before Christmas and get a few of your January tasks completed in advance, then you can slide on into the New Year with as little discomfort as possible. As a manager, this could perhaps mean scheduling your team’s work load to be a little December heavy. Don’t go mad; your team will NOT thank you for that. Simply take a few tasks from January’s list to help lighten the load.

January Social
Everyone loves a Christmas party, that cannot be denied, so why not bring a little bit of that merriment to January? Again, emphasis on the little bit. We are not suggesting dancing on the tables, Jaeger bombs and karaoke, but a cheeky lunchtime social would definitely help to lift everyone out of that post-Christmas inertia. A glass of something bubbly, a smoked salmon sandwich and perhaps a bit of motivational chat from the person in charge and you’re away!

Non-financial incentives
People seem to be really good at this in the run up to Christmas, but we think it’s afterwards that a little generosity will really go a long way. It just gives the team a little something to work towards. Try not to make your incentives food based- though that works an absolute treat before Christmas, come January everyone tends to want a little detox. Suffice to say, chocolates and bubbly are out of the running. Go for something useful like an Amazon voucher, or a little treat like a voucher for a facial or a manicure, or a free lunch- the possibilities are endless!

So that’s how to keep your team feeling as peppy as possible post-Christmas! If you have got any conferences or meetings in the works and you want to keep that pep in your step, then our Wiltshire meeting rooms are the venue for you! Download our brochure for more details, or give us a call on 01985 212 312.

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