How to survive a really long meeting

Here at Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa, we lay claim to some the most stylish Wiltshire meeting rooms, but we know that even in the most beautiful of settings, meetings can be dull. So we have put together a little 5 step guide to keeping your cool during a really long meeting…

  1. Snacks, glorious snacks.

Keep that brain well fed! One sure fire way to turn off during in a meeting is if your belly is growling like an angry bear, so make sure you make the most of the venue’s catering facilities. Here at Bishopstrow we offer an excellent range of catering options for your meeting or conference. From the ‘Light Finger Buffet Menu’ which offers such delights as Scotch Quails eggs with Mustard Mayonnaise and Butternut Squash Arancini, through to the full ‘Breakfast Package’ which includes everything from breakfast right through to bowls of mints on your meeting tables, Bishopstrow has it all. The only trouble now is trying not to eat so much that you fall asleep mid-meeting…

  1. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration really does affect your concentration levels. Studies have shown that or brains start to slow down at even 1% dehydration. So making sure that your brain is nice and hydrated is very important! A lot of your boredom in meetings could actually be stemming from a lack of hydration that is causing a reduction in cognitive function. So don’t ignore those jugs of water on the table, get sipping, you never know what might happen!

  1. Take notes and ask questions.

Another way to keep your mind focussed is to force yourself to actively participate in the meeting. A lot of times a meeting can involve being spoken at continuously for long periods of time with endless streams of nonsensical buzzwords, and when that’s the case it is so easy to switch off. One way to overcome this is to forcibly place yourself in the heart of the action. Not only will asking questions keep your brain in the game, but it will show whoever is leading the meeting that you are taking a keen interest (even though, truthfully, you might not give a hoot).

  1. A little bit of self-love.

Taking a moment to take stock and relax is always important, especially when you need to be on top form, so a few deep breaths and some mindfulness wouldn’t go amiss. Just taking a couple of minutes to check in will really help to clear your mind and prepare you for a big meeting, it’s especially easy at Bishopstrow since the hotel sits in 27 acres of beautiful grounds and gardens- a perfectly relaxing setting.

  1. Get creative.

If none of those tips can save you, then you’ll have to get creative! Your best hope is that you have a bored comrade among the crowd who you can play a sneaky game of eye spy with, or hangman, or noughts and crosses! That, or the classic classroom doodle…

Hopefully, when you host your meetings at Bishopstrow, there won’t be a dull moment, but just in case there is, you know what to do now! Download our Conference and Events Brochure here, or to enquire about hiring out our Wiltshire meeting rooms please call us on 01985 878939.

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