7 Reasons Why Cake Tastes Way Better at Christmas

Cake is a pretty great treat all year round, but for some reason, come Christmas, baked goods taste approximately 750% better than at any other time of year. But why? Well, as the home one of the most delectable afternoon tea’s Wiltshire has to offer, here at Bishopstrow we’ve got a few ideas about why festive treats are so much more irresistible than your regular old boring everyday Eccles cake…

  1. Things get spicy at Christmas

There are so many great flavours that crop up at Christmas that just don’t seem to have broken out of December: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, sherry, marzipan, cranberry, the list goes on!

  1. There’s always the smell of mulled wine to get your juices flowing

Or any festive beverage for that matter… mulled cider; hot chocolate (spiked or otherwise); sherry; brandy; or any other of the hundreds of obscure tipples that only surface at Christmas! They’re all calling for you to snap up a mince pie with your free hand…

  1. There’s nothing like the sound and smell of a roaring fire to get you ready for a mince pie

The fire is crackling in the hearth, Dean Martin’s crooning away on the record player, what else to do other than pick up a slice of Christmas cake…?

  1. You can hide the consequence under that cosy Christmas jumper

Who cares how much cake you eat when you can keep the damage under wraps! Bikini bodies are for summer, no need for restraint once that jumper goes on!

  1. Cakes always have booze in at Christmas!

What’s better than cake? Cake soaked in whisky. No need to question.

  1. It would be rude not to…

I mean, people literally force cake down your throat for the duration of December. How could you refuse one of Grandma’s mince pies or twelve of your little cousin’s gingerbread men? Not easily…

  1. That sprinkling of extra festive fairy dust

And, of course, the festive season brings with it that sparkly touch of Christmas magic, the kind of magic that makes cake taste like the food of the Gods.

You’ve probably gained about 3lbs just reading that list, but who cares!? What this calls for is a bloomin’ mince pie! If your festive juices are well and truly flowing, you can check out our scrumptious Festive Afternoon Tea here, or give us a call on 01985 878535 or email info@bishopstrow.co.uk, for more information on Bishopstrow’s Christmas in Wiltshire.

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