4 Ways To Motivate Your Employees

We have one of the best conference hotels Wiltshire has ever seen, so whether you arrange incentives, set aside a spare minute to greet your staff or simply focus on team building, you can trust our top four tips for motivating your employees.

Who you employ is the secret to the success of your business. Without them, your business would struggle to grow and it’s thanks to their hard work and dedication that your business can flourish. Everyone dreams of a hardworking, dedicated and loyal workforce. But sometimes, small things can get in the way of productivity.

Communication and trust

Don’t let communication slip. If you or someone on your team is prone to micromanagement, you need to eliminate that behaviour as soon as possible. Let your staff (at all levels) know you trust them to do the best job possible and they will seldom disappoint you. Be more than just a name or a role – be approachable and that will itself motivate your employees to do an outstanding job for you. Face to face interaction translates as value, and your employees need to feel valued and appreciated.

Lead by example

If you slack, then so will your employees. Ensure that senior members of staff behave and conduct themselves in a way that you want to be emulated, and you will soon see a change in attitude and atmosphere in your workplace. Excitement is contagious – if you show enthusiasm for your company’s goals and successes, then so too will your employees.

Feedback and recognition

Issue regular productive feedback, recognition for hard work and transparency at all levels of the business. That way, your team will feel included, their voice heard and fully appreciated for the job they do. Why do this? It’s simple – it’s the most authentic way to generate loyalty and pride within the business.

Incentives and Advancement

No one wants to work tirelessly without reward. Offer clear incentives and a structured path for advancement, and you will see an increase in productivity overnight. If you allow your staff to climb the career ladder – or at the very least gain genuine recognition for their role if advancement is not available – then you will have loyal, determined employees who are keen to impress and who know what is expected of them. Incentives don’t need to be bonus or promotion based either. It can be as simple as an extra day off work, being allowed to leave the office early on a Friday or receiving a gift card.

As an employer, you expect a lot from your staff and they expect a lot from you too. Without balance and motivation, you could experience a high turnover or a lacklustre work force. You can avoid this by bringing your team along to one of our Corporate Packages. We offer private use of our Wiltshire meeting rooms so you and your team can relax, discuss opportunities or team build at one of the finest hotels in Warminster.

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